Our Services

Bright Move Residential

At Bright Move Residential we offer a range of services to all types of landlords needs. Whether you want us to simply find the tenant or collect the rend and maintain the property, we have the package for all.

If you just want us to find a suitable tenant for you, from marketing the property to undertaking the referencing procedure, and then let you take over the day-to-day management, we would love to help you!

Our Rent Collection service includes Tenant Find, so that we will identify the right tenant for you, undertake the referencing, and then fulfil the month-by-month rent collection for you. Our bespoke service can operate at the level you need.

If you want to retain control of the day-to-day maintenance and management of your property, but would like someone to take on the month-to-month burden of ensuring that the rent is collected, and the sums are correct, then this is the service for you. We’ll also be on hand when things go wrong with rent payments.  You are still responsible for any ad hoc replacements and repairs and the tenants will communicate with you directly on these matters.

Many landlords appreciate how our Fully Managed service takes away the day-to-day burden of letting, without losing any of the control.
We repair and replace items up to an agreed limit, and pass each month’s rent on to you, less any disbursement and charges. We actually pay you the same day that the tenants payment reaches us!